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    Branding and flyer El Mercado Malasaña, a pop-up market in the neigborhood in Madrid.
00. Briefing: 
La Industrial contacted me for yet another pop-up market -this one was called "El Mercado Malasaña", The Malasaña Market. Well the new name came with new implications to reflect, that differed from the last one:
·It sounded official. Like "this is the one market of Malasaña".
·It had no trace of La Industrial's brand left whatsoever.
·It was simpler and more direct.
·It was still hipster, sure, but with that added component of dignity/officiality.
Now the whole piece would gravitate a lot more around the center. I wanted to make something a bit more ellaborate and colorful, sort of like these:
(Well, maybe not so much. Those ones seemed a little too complex to be memorable, to me).
01. The brand
After some doodling and sketching, I decided I wanted it to look like a street sign, like something integrated in the city that has always been there. I made some tests with and without the light rays of the sun I had previously done, and I finally found a way to integrate them into the design.
02. The flyer:
The whole flyer is a frame for the logo, it's just a presentation of the new brand. The color scheme is, once again, upbeat while not too aggressive.
My first idea was to use a bycicle -another hipster icon. That photo was specially good because the turquose/green blends well with the color scheme of the rest ofthe piece, without being absorved by it; and the lines almost complete those of the flyer, but not quite, which makes an effect in the brain that reminds of the handmade products -not totally perfect, but with personality.
We ultimately discarded that idea because it could look like there were bycicles for sale and that was not the case. Not to worry though, at this point I could fit pretty much anything in and still make it work.
In the end I chose the basket on a bycicle, because the basket is both suggesting shopping and a handmade object in and of itself, and it also shows a bycicle and gives some sort of a sample of how your experience would be when coming shopping to the market. The colors also blend perfectly with the poster.
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es