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    These photographs are part of a project I was assigned to work on while living and working for an NGO in India.
NGO-Project - Health In Rural India 
Health and poverty are closely linked to each other. Delayed healthcare, unclean drinking water, long distances to the nearest hospital and poor living conditions  are some of the main factors behind the critical health situation in rural India. 

Children from the poor sectors of society suffer from malnutrition and many children are born underweight. 
Lack of awareness  might be the biggest threat to the poor. Good health is a human right and a prerequisite for poverty reduction and sustainable development. Many NGO:s are working on awareness, reproductive health and increased access to health care. 

Skillful doctors, social workers and community workers are providing important assistant at the doorstep to villages in rural Maharashtra. 

Condom demonstration for migrant workers. 

HIV/AIDS awareness session for truck drivers