Piaui Magazine Covers
The Brazilian Revista Piaui has quite a snarky sense of humor, and often lets me plaster my hamfisted schlock all over their pricey upmarket monthly. Sometimes on the cover, and sometimes buried as filler in an article that was a bit late, ok a week late, getting to the editor. I don't get caught up about the specifics. I just take pride in making people I never have heard of, never will meet, and never will think about again very mad.

It's your typical leftist magazine, so I have recently offended most of the readers with my devout love for Making America Great Again, but it's good for them to see that not every artist is a fake intellectual with a pretentious vocabulary. Brazil is our little sister of the Southern Hemisphere. I wish Brazil the best.

Alternate version. I think this is higher energy and more upbeat. The destruction of humanity with Marxist ideals is supposed to fun a thing!
The idea started with the politically incorrect American classic Puttin' on the Ritz, written by Irving Berlin, and made permanently famous by Fred Astaire.
Samarco killed Santa in one of the worst ecological disasters of the decade. It's ok though, BHP Billiton said they're sorry!
Tip for young idealist women: Don't put your money in feminism, it's a dumb temporary trend.

Jose Maria Marin is reprising Demi Moore's iconic movie poster for Striptease. Sepp Blatter is ready to spread the goods as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

Piaui couldn't decide on which disgusting cover they wanted to use, so they printed both. Jose Maria Marin went out to subscribers, while Sepp Blatter was exclusive to newsstands.
Piaui's first chance to address the Charlie Hebdo situation being a monthly publication. Georges Wolinski, one of the artists to be murdered by Muslim terrorists in Paris, had his art grace the cover of Piaui's Issue 55 (along with many other internal contributions). I wanted to depict that making heartwarming imagery of pencils doesn't make one damn bit of difference when it comes to fighting terror. The terrorists, not the artists won that day, but it doesn't mean any of us in the business will stop trying to score points back at them. 

Despite what my background as a Tatar, my subject matter, and my clientele would lead you to believe, I am not a liberal. I am a conservative who fiercely believes in freedom of speech. Most creative minds are seen as being open minded, but I am not. I see the world visually in vivid color, but right and wrong monochromatically.
A Rejected February 2015 Cover
A reference to the Petrobas executives being arrested in Brazil by the Federal Police. (2014)
World Cup 2014 began with most things unfinished. It was quite a mess, but the show went on. (2014)
This cover reflects the teacher's strikes in Brazil which often turned violent when anarchists repurposed the cause. (2013)
Edward Snowden kisses President Putin a la Hoenecker & Brezhnev while affixing a "Free Pussy Riot" stciker. (2013) One curious fact is this article, https://lenta.ru/news/2013/08/05/piaui/, which resulted in over 40,000 social media comments now has been scrubbed with every other opposition sites of content.

Kim Jong Un was sabre-rattlling at the time with his ballistic missile program. (2012)
100th Issue Celebration illustration depicting all my covers for the magazine at the time combined.
Piaui Magazine Covers