Said the Cheshire cat to Alice.

The project is that of a “door into the imagination” As we cannot generally fathom the imagination of any one individual, this project gives an insight into one particular mind through the medium of illustration within a physical installation.

The imagination will be illustrated through three separate layers of the subconscious.

Layer 1 the world as it surrounds
Layer 2 the world as interpreted by the imagination
Layer 3 the world as interpreted by the imagination of a character within the imagination.

These three levels relate within a linear order. The first being the world as it is, depicted with objects, places and people that exist. From there the imaginative variation of this world is created, containing similar elements of the real world but with a surreal twist. And finally the imaginative state of a fictitious character from within the imagination.

The inspiration for this project manifested as a result of my interest in the slightly twisted sense of individuality through the use of the imagination. There is no right and wrong,no truth no lie when it comes to your own thought process and were it leads you. The train of thought that is created is its own unique lengthy conversation in ones head that makes you seem slightly mad, but we’re all mad here, only in different ways.

The imagination to be depicted for the project is that of my own. A doorway into my own personal labyrinth of thoughts, sights and memories all mixed up into a world of illustration with a dash of insanity.

The installation as a purpose is a visual depiction of eye raping goodness, a combination of colour,imagery and ultimate chaos.

Dimensions of print to be situated behind a working door -

Height 1980 mm
Width 710, 760, 810,860, or 910 mm
Thickness 3 mm

The door’s construction will be to New Zealand home specifications and situated within the show as a working installation, whilst the panel of illustrations will be situated behind the closed door out of sight unless opened, representing the entrance to the imagination through a physical means.

The illustration created will be layered one upon the other in a specific colour scheme method by the use of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Because of the layering of imagery “the colours mix up, the lines and shapes entwine, becoming oneiric and not completely clear. Through a filter, in this case using decode-glasses, it is possible to see clearly the defined layers in which the image is composed. Each one of the red, green and blue filters used within the decode glasses serves to reveal just one of the three patterns, hiding the other two.”(Carnovsky, 2010)

The characteristics of the project evoke the idea of the mess of the mind and the oddities and peculiarities of the imagination. The layering effect mixes and entangles the given illustration; a single mind in chaos, this depiction illustrates the complexity of human imagination and the realm of possibilities it possesses.

This installation allows users to have the choice to view the inner chaos, by opening the door and looking within.
A2 poster hung above the exhibit as initial instructions
The progression of the layers and how they evolved

Layer 1          Fridge - the world as it surrounds
Layer 2          Fridge Alive - the world as interpreted by the imagination
Layer 3          Fridge Creature - the world as interpreted by the imagination of a character within the imagination.
A collection of characters from the created illustrations used upon a sticker sheet, my personal faves, a mixture of all three worlds characters / objects
Final was printed upon 3mm PVC at the dimensions of 800 X 1900mm as 3 separate layers overlapped
Decode glasses of either red, green or blue are required to filter the chaos
Physical installation situated within University Exhibition, consisting of the door, plinth, A2 poster and an on-screen demo depicting the required participation for the installation
We're all Mad here

We're all Mad here

The imagination is the black void between my ears that images tend to accumulate.The Installation is a way in which the inhabitants of the void w Read More

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