In Search Of Incredible
We were asked by Lateral Amsterdam to create a pitch winning, fully integrated global campaign for the Asus/Intel N5 launch. We created the 'In Search Of Incredible' platform.
Using a mix of outdoor, print, digital, experiential, PR and viral media we attracted over 2 million unique visitors to the website in less than 5 weeks. Millward Brown started re-writing their online record books. Within a year over 5 million people had visited the site, over a million fans were created. The Asus global brand awareness shifted from 17th to 5th.

The campaign won the Intel Marketing Innovation Award for best strategy & results from paid media.
  Zenith estimate that the campaign was seen by over 2.1 billion people. 
The campaign was awarded a Euro Effie in September 2012.
The In Search Of Incredible Mobile App won a Mobex award in 2012
The TVC was shot entirely on location in La Seu Vella cathedral in Lleida, Spain and was directed by Andy Morahan. This 'teaser' version of the TVC launched the campaign ... 
The print/outdoor campaign was photographed by Don McCullin who has been searching for incredible and capturing it on film his whole life. This was the first time he ever tried digital photography, it was also the first time he ever shot a peacock.
After the first 3 weeks - the headlines/images focused towards an audio theme and light branding was introduced.
Clive Booth shot a series of short 'making of' films for the campaign and captured insightful footage of Don & Andy - two men who are much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

 The largest peacock in the world was seen on Broadway in New York as part of the teaser campaign.
From a huge billboard - to a tiny banner - perfect positioning on the Shazam App.
 After the four week teaser phase - the launch campaign introduced the product  into the messaging and revealed the N5 for the first time. We used some of the shots from the teaser ads and introduced new ones.
The medium becomes the message as the campaign compliments content in Rolling Stone magazine.
 Grammy winning recording artist Jason Mraz, signed up to be part of the search for incredible and featured in a series of online films. He is seen here at the Asus HQ in Taipei with Jonney Shih the founder of the company.
The campaign line was commented on in the Economist magazine Intelligent Life some two years after the launch.
 The original coporate slogan 'Inspiring Innovation Persistent Perfection'  was completely phased out by 2014.
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In Search Of Incredible