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    Flyer and branding for La Industrial Outdoor Market, a pop-up market in Malasaña
00. Briefing:
La Industrial made another pop-up market, this time around on the outside. They organised the whole thing but it wasn't going to be just them so it had to stand out by itself without La Industrial's logo (but it still had their name on it so it couldn't be completely detached). And again, it had to feature a centerpiece that was supposed to last with minor changes and appeal to a hipster market. I decided to go along these lines:
01. First ideas:
This was my first plan. Quite simple, really -I drew a sun because it was going to be outdoors and some machinery and hard pieces because it was organised by La Industrial after all. The whole thing looked like a can label:
So far so good good but it still did have some flaws: That typography was great and industrial and everything but it wasn't adequate for the word "outdoor" because it wasn't legible, the sun was too simple and the background, although it was the actual place at which the market was going to happen, didn't really say anything subjective.Still, it was pretty good to see which direction I wanted to move towards.
Also, at some point we had to drop a line in the name (it changed several times during the process). So I went back to drawing:
This was working a lot better, but the lines were still too thick, it seemed too bold for the style I wanted to imitate. I did, though, make a version with a snowflake since it was going to be in December and January and the idea was to encourage people to go get christmas presents.
02. Final designs:
I finally added the background and additional info. It was hard to find a balance between  it attracting attention and still not being too aggressive for the style, but I think I made it. The trick is to use secondary and kind of desaturated colors.
The deer was kind of a must. The typographies I used were Bebas -hard and industrial-, Helvetica -you can never go wrong with it, specially when appealing to hipsters- and Weston -classic tattooish-. I also placed the text in that not-quite-legible-but-you're-going-to-put-in-the-effort-to-read-it-because-it's-trendy fashion that they love so much. It looks like it's stamped on the photo, which is kind of the fake-DIY look that we want. Originally the top was repeated at the bottom like it was made with a rolling stamper, but I had to put so much info in for an A6 flyer that I run out of space.
That's the back of the flyer. I market the Malasaña neighborhood and made some hand drawn arrows to fit with the handcrafted theme in the products on sale. Which was also useful for the promotional booklet that could get you some freebies in certains bars and shops across Malasaña:
I also made a version with the sun, in case we used it after winter (in the end we made a different thing entirely, but that's a different story).
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es