The Big Think Productions logo. An exclamation point inside a light bulb.
The Logo for the EDM artist Intelligent Design Theory. Simple shapes that can be used opn a variety of backgrounds and colors yet distinct enough to be memorable.
The logo for Cotton Art Studio, a quilting business. The owner likes to use a wide color pallette so the logo is black and white to cover a wide variety of placements.
The logo for ther Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild. Simple, modern, classic.
The "modernized" Blind Monkey Phil logo. Blind Monkey Phil was one of my personas back in the 9Ds.
The 42 Sequential logo. The official logo for my experimental music on
A shop that sold Fiestaware was going to use this logo to create custom branded plates and dinnerware.
MyMy wife and a friend of hers are starting a Youtube Show caled theStitch, a talkshow about quilting. I came up with this to use as a placeholder for the web site until they are settled on the "official" logo.
The final logo for the The Stitch TV Show on YouTube. Slsightly modern and slightly classic at the same time. Who knew retro TV sets had a 16x9 aspect ratio? See it here: