Diversity March (Gay Parade) at GayFest, Bucharest
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    Diversity March (Gay Parade) at GayFest, Bucharest, Romania, 2009
Diversity March/Gay Parade at GayFest, Bucharest, Romania

Held by the Romanian Accept Organization, 2009's Diversity March ispart of GayFest, reaching its 6th edition. Its main purpose, like inthe previous years, was the civil partnership.
Around 200 persons joined the march, the majority being part of theLGBT community. There was as well a small number of foreigners andseveral persons wearing inscriptions like "Not gay but tolerant".
Although none of the Romanian officials was present, 2009's GayFestMarch was joined by Robin Barnett, the British ambassador in Bucharest,Jaap L. Werner - the Dutch ambassador, Mats Aberg - the Swedishambassador and Petr Doklada, the ambassador of the Czech Republic inBucharest. There were as well several foreign members of the EuropeanParliament and diplomats' families.
Following the aggressive incidents which happened in the previous yearsduring and after the Gay Parade, this was the first year with noincidents as the participants were highly protected, over 700 policemensecuring the closed area where only the manifestants and thejournalists were allowed.