Portland, OR
Work by Kristina Plummer
I designed three different temporary tattoos for the truck to hand out to customers. Here is the finger-stache!

Photograph by Jenn Farrington
Photograph by Jay Freeman
With the help of Kevin Keeland,  project manager and lead developer, we created a website that can centralize the various aspects of the business. We wanted each entity to be cohesive, but also unique. IEATPINK.com is the basis for this concept which includes Hot Pink Taco's Blog, Contact, Geo-Locator, and Menu.
Photograph by Kristina Plummer
THINKPINK.IEATPINK.com is Hot Pink Taco's online social network which allows users to submit ideas and vote them to reality using Pink Polls. THINKPINK displays ways Hot Pink Taco customers have influenced and improved the average food truck business model.
SHOP.IEATPINK.COM is the custom designed eCommerce solution for Hot Pink Taco apparel. 
One of the most important articles in a start-up is the business plan. Because Hot Pink Taco is innovative in every angle of business, we decided to bring a whole new light to the business plan. The idea was to create a plan that would motivate existing associates and to inspire & substantiate potential investors. The final product includes Business Overview, Industry & Market Analysis, Marketing & Branding Strategies, as well as Outlook & Expansion and an Investment Overview. 
Presenting an aesthetically pleasing graphic overview of the business provides the viewer with an innovative approach to the otherwise monotonous business plan, seen repetitively. 
A necessary element to the Hot Pink Taco project was a custom designed catering agreement. With all the innovative options Hot Pink Taco offers to entertain guests at events, it was important to display these in a graphical way. Included in the agreement is all the essential information for such multifaceted events.
We designed a 42" flat screen to fit in the side of the Hot Pink Taco truck. This flat screen is used during business hours to display the menu. Additionally the screen is used for mobile advertising to captivate new customers. This allows Hot Pink Taco to easily change their menu for private events, holidays, seasons, and new menu items at minimal cost. We were insistent on fitting this into the budget due to it's demand for attention, directly associating Hot Pink Taco with innovative technology. 
As Creative Director in charge of Identity, Branding, and Marketing, I couldn't help but throw myself at this project. I'll admit, it was fun being recognized around Portland as the Hot Pink Taco girl. To see more of my modeling portfolio, feel free to visit KristinaPlummer.com