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    Package Re-Design
Lumen Low Energy Light Bulbs
This package re-design project was intended to focus on refreshing the design for the intended market. Below is the previous packaging for designed low energy light bulbs for the European Market called Plumen by Hulger. 
The image above is the package that currently exists in Europe. 

Below are my re-designs for the North American Market. 
As you can see it still maintains the Plumen corporate brand image, but it manipulated to suit the target market. The bright pink was changed to a coral tone, which has become very trendy for environmentally friendly products. The product was called Lumen rather than Pluman because lumens are a unit in which light is measure in North America.
Here is a package design for four low energy bulbs, but the packaging is created using an origami folding technique so it is fully collapsible when empty. The stock used is a single sheet of pulp paper, which makes this packaging environmentally sustainable.