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    This amazing project is about the use of SEO on websites to achieve better rankings. We ask the question you need to ask your seo company before … Read More
    This amazing project is about the use of SEO on websites to achieve better rankings. We ask the question you need to ask your seo company before you allow them to start working on your website. Read Less
Hiring a SEO firm for your SEO implementation needs is an investment of sorts, and like all investments, this is one you are counting on to bring profits and good results for your business. However, hiring a online marketing firm can be advantageous for you ONLY if you make the right choice. In order to employ the best e-marketing firm, you need to ask some questions to make sure the company is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and worth your time and money. Here are some basic questions you can ask before employing a SEO firm.
What clients have you worked for?
Past clients are a great way to know about a SEO establishment. You can contact them and ask about the SEO firm and whether they were any effective or not. They can also inform you whether or not they are reliable, communicative, cooperative, knowledgeable, etc. Even if the clients are hesitant to provide specific details, you can still get a general idea about the Search marketing firm and maybe some recommendations.
How do you plan on implementing SEO for my business?
While there are many Search Optimization methods and techniques and they are all effective, you still need to ask this question. Not because you want to know the methods per se, but you need to see if the SEO firm is professional. Any firm that cannot or will not offer full information about the SEO techniques they (will) use, they are not professional.
Are you aware of, and plan to use, search engine guidelines?
There are search engine guidelines by Google, called webmaster best practices, which offer rules regarding SEO implementation. Specifically, they clearly prohibit the use of 12 common SEO techniques and these are techniques you do not want to use. Any SEO firm that says they do not know the guidelines or stick to them is not reliable.
Are you effective?
Plain and simple, you need the SEO organization for positive results and high search engine rankings so this is what you need to know. You may think that all SEO company will say yes but that’s false. A good company will know Search Engine Optimization very well and they will also know that “SEO” is an abstract concept that takes time and is never guaranteed to bring results. Any company that confidently says yes is not professional. Any company that says they try their best is better.
Are you going to inform me of changes you make to my website?
This is nothing that discerns whether a company is reliable or not but you do need to know. Some companies choose to share and some don’t. However, if you want to know about them, make sure you talk it out properly before employing them so no misunderstandings occur later.
What will be the conditions after your contract is complete?
Lastly, this important question is imperative to ask. You need to make sure that even after the SEO firm you are hiring has completed its work and contract, you still get ownership of all the content they provided to you. Additionally, make sure to confirm that the SEO firm will not be allowed to make changes to your site or their previously added content on it – it will be completely in your possession.