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    My poster for the International Reggae Poster Contest.
The International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) is an initiative designed to celebrate positive international reggae culture, founded by Michael Thompson and Maria Papaefstathiou in 2011. 
The contest highlights the globalization of reggae and the positive impact of its message on the world. 

The umbrella term "reggae," as used by the International Reggae Poster Contest, encompasses all the popular Jamaican musical genres: Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and the unique Jamaican Sound System.
Handmade woodcut (original size 55x90 cm.), carved with a surgical blade.
My entry for the 2014 IRPC was a woodcut design and it placed 9th amongst a total of 1010 submissions, 646 designers from 79 countries. The contest winners were chosen from 444 finalists by a distinguished jury panel.
Patois description:
Di combinathion of roots reggae elements wid oda reggae elements.
Speakers an dem recorths a send out di sounths ah dem music, dem roots (Motherland Ethiopia,
Africa inna di lion nose) and dem birdplace (Jamaica inna di corna of di lion eye),
gi dem di strength of Jah Rastafari an di birds dem a fly fi show di way to Zion. 
One Love.
(translation by Domniki Papadopoulou)
English description:
Composition of roots reggae legends along with other reggae elements.
Speakers and records to travel the sounds of their music, their roots (Ethiopia,
Africa in the nose) and their birthplace (Jamaica in the corner of the eye) hidden in the lion,
to give them the strength of Jah, and the birds to show them the way to Zion.
One Love.
Special thanks to Dimitris Mpon for being a big part of this.
Africa in the lion's nose.
Jamaica in the corner of the eye.
photography: Thanos Kagkalos