Telekom Launch - Hai! App
Hai! App - Telekom Romania
The application which contributed to the lauch of  Telekom in Romania
Case study for the UX workflow
In 2014 Deutsche Telekom - the well known German telecommunication brand - was entering the Romanian market by merging two local communication brands, Romtelecom and Cosmote.
Our main target was to launch Telekom on the market and grow the brand guided by the moto „Life is for sharing” - "Experiente impreuna." 
Hai! was born
A simple event planner that allows people to create and organize small events,
discuss the details and share their memories.

The application had a few hidden features that activated during the launch event in every city (Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Iasi) and allowed participants live interaction with the event and artists by voting the playlist, taking a big selfie and launching Magenta - Telekom..
Hai! follows the key values of Telekom - it not only allwed to create a digital experience, it also provides long term utility for everyone who downloads it. It helps creating, sharing and maintaining memorable moments.
UX Workflow
Sketching and Ideas 
After a participatory workshop where the team gathered the ideas and drafted the requirements and features, I started sketching the basic user workflow and application architecture
Application Architecture
The first sketches helped creating the full application architecture.
The detailed architecture map was a big help for the development team to create the same exeprience both on Android and iOS.
Paper Prototype First
I always start with paper. It allowes me to experiment and have an overview about all the screens and their interactions.
Creating Interactive Protoype
It was crucial for the project to have an interactive prototype - we needed it for user testing and to communicate efficiently with the development team.
After a research on the available mobile prototyping tools, I chose JustInMind prototyper - it allowed me to easily create the screens, simulate complex interactions and transitions and to emulate the application in browser and on phones.
User Testing and Refinements
We conducted user testing sessions both on desktop and on mobile which allowed us to optimize the application during UX and design phase.
First design examples
Some impressions from the event
Internetics 2014
Best Mobile Application
Best Digital Brand Experience
Best Digital Componnent of an Integrated Capaign
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Telekom Launch - Hai! App

Telekom Launch - Hai! App

Hai! - Event planner application for Telekom Romania