The Use of Mobile

In the last few years, mobile communications has been an integrated part of almost all programs I have worked on. If consumer facing, B2B or a mix of both, mobile communications has been a relevant and valuable part of the communications mix.
Using mobile helps to save paper

Sun Microsystems - SunRise 2008

Sun challenged us to infuse the same innovation and eco-friendly approach that they have demonstrated throughout the rest of their business into an incentive trip for top performing sales people from around the world

In the end, over 1,000 smart phones were configured, personalized and distributed with more than 62k text messages exchanged. Most importantly, feedback from Sun executives and attendees ranked SunRise 2008 as the most successful in the event’s history. And that's why ORACLE picked up the idea after acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2009, to be used at their own events.

Delivered 1,000 Nokia devices to attendees.
Developing WAP, SMS communications, Text-to-Vote and screen capabilities 
along with on-site mobile support.

Event phones providing:
SMS communications, Text-to-Vote and screen capabilities along with on-site mobile support.
- Maps
- Itineraries
- SMS session reminders
- Event website access,
Phone to multi-media wall text messaging 
Event Website with multiple widgets, Screen Savers and Wallpapers
Mobile Recognition, Rewards and Redemption
Pfizer - ACE Sales and Employee    
Engagement Program
Using mobile to provide real time account information as well as providing managers  
tool to recognize their direct reports on-the-spot.
A Social Community Site 
the Use of Mobile and an On-line Catalog

A Business loyalty rewards program with more than 180,000 members nationally. Frequent interactive communications to program members via e-mails, e-statements, program website, microsites and the newly introduced mobile option and social community site.
Member email
Program Website with an e-Catalog extension.
Online Game, Sweepstakes, Take Over Ads, 
Banner Ads and Pre-roll Videos

Global Travel Agent Rewards Program - look to book
Global reward program for travel agents, with more than 150,000 members (primarily women) in 107 countries, communicated in 9 languages. Frequent interactive communications to members and non-members via emails, e-statements, program website, microsites, web banner ads, take over ads and pre-roll videos.
Email announcing an on-line sweepstakes and "travel trivia" game.       
"Looking Good" Sweepstakes and trivia-travel game           
Take over ads
Banner ads          
Rich media, Take Over Ads
Pre-roll Videos
Online Sweepstakes, E-zines 
and Promotional E-mail Campaigns

Global Hotel Guest program - goldpoints plus
Global frequent hotel guest program, with 1,000 hotels in over 70 countries and communicated in 9 languages. Frequentinteractive communications to members and
non-members via e-mails,e-statements, program website, microsites, web banner ads, quarterly e-zines and promotional e-mail campaigns.
TimeZones E-zines
     Global Hotel Guest Program - goldpoints plus        Promotional e-zines translated into 4 languages 
       Themed, quarterly e-zines providing vacation ideas, offers and benefits that only  
       goldpoints plus members receive.
      The series of e-zines above received an IAC award in spring of 2009
The series of e-zines above received an IAC awrad in spring of 2009
    Promotion Email Campaign
     Global Hotel Guest program - goldpoints plus
during the busy business travel season into afour-night family vacation anywhere
        in the world.
    Pre-Event Website
     Oracle Club Excellence and Oracle President's Club site, 
     promoting both travel incentive programs.
        Pre-event website, featuring a countdown clock, video and photo galleries.