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    portable eating set
Tēkka Måncha is a lunch set for one person including cutlery, plate, cup and napkin.
These articles are designed to be weared together with a b
elt of pockets and buckles.
The kitchenware have the role of tools suitable for manufacturing meal, turning the user into a breakfast bricoleur.

The kit allows the user to move around wearing an authentic lunchset.

Employed materials - ceramic and wood – transgress the perceptual habit of such a system of objects: stainless steelcutlery, glass for chalice, glazed ceramic dishes.

This kit produce imagination rather than function, in which throw-away-design gives way to objects-to-care.

The cutlery - unique in their reproducibility - winks to a bucolic and playful way of life; plate and glass sacrifice their functionality towards a necessary displacement to break up the restyling of proven habits, taking refuge in a tool belt which assures thanks to her texture.

                    Tēkka Måncha shortlisted at Venice Design Week 2011 - Fabbricare Cose