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    An experimental typeface totally composed by mechanical elements.
MEKKANIKA is a type-treatment-face* inspired by the steampunk visual world, using as composition pieces old mechanics technical drawings mixed and merged all together to form letters completely made by these elements, creating a mechanical look like typeface.

All the letters design is based on the glyphs shapes of the Din Pro Black font.

I did this project in 2011, and I owe it a lot. It was my second typographic project, first was Brushwood, that brought me real popularity. Several design blogs shared it, request of prints, people contacted me to know if it was available to purchase, and it was a sort of problem, cause it's not a real font, but a set of typographic illustrations, even give it a price was hard, cause it was the second time I did a complete font (or a type-treatment-face, as I like to define it) and I didn't expect all that feedback.

Not bad for a refused font.

Yes, because originally it was conceived for a title graphic on a magazine, but the art director didn't liked it and choose to use Brushwood instead. More or less, the same story as Brushwood. Refused stuff then retrieved in other ways is apparently a path that fit me in. Over time, I started to get used to it, and the project functioned as a starting point to make others, and create a much bigger family. Anyway, let's not waste more time and let images talk.
Hope you'll like it, cheers!

Maybe even too colorful. More is more, f**k it.
MEKKANIKA is quality lossless. Each letter is 50cm width at 300 dpi, formatted in index color, that is a form of vector quantization compression used for gifs and png files. The palette is the most clean possible, black and white, no midtones. The colors are overlayed in a second time. Below you can see how the sharpness stays intact when scaling.
It was almost automatic try to replicate with this style some of my favorite mechanical characters ever.
Special edition prints for Lucca Comics & Games 2014.
Tried also to print some tees with them.
My contribution for I AM THE NEW CREATIVE, an Adobe campaign to promote Creative Cloud using the face of his users with their creations overlayed. I used the Mekkanika letters pieces to create a mask to apply on my portrait.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
POSTER PUNCH – March /May 2013 – San José, Costa Rica
International poster exhibition within the program of the FID Festival Internacional de Diseño Costa Rica.
STEAMPUNK ART 스팀펑크아트展 – March/May 2014 – Seul, South Korea
International steampunk art exhibition featuring the most well known artists within the field.
I'm not exactly a steampunk artist, but Mekkanika takes a lot from that imagery as well. Honored to be there.
Special printed versions of Mekkanika posters done for the occasion.
Including the robot mask I previously did for the New Creatives campaign.
Steampunk Art @ Beijing Design Week – October 2014/February 2015 – Bejing, China
Second edition of the steampunk exhibition, now featured during the chinese capital design week.
Postcards from the exhibition.
Another one of MK collateral creations, a series of robotic portraits using the same technique.
Robotic Prints & Friends who bought me a couple beers with them.
TYPOHOLIC – Viction:ary, Hong Kong, 2012
Honored to be in this great book next to the best of typography within the market. The book iss divided in two parts, one dedicated to the typographic themed works and the other to typographic families, so whole fonts and typefaces. 
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