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The Battle for Texas Truck Independence
Reshaping The Perceptions of the American Truck-Buyer
The pickup truck. In Texas, you either buy American, or you don't buy at all. That was the thinking for as long pickup trucks had been kicking up dust on the highways and back roads of the Lone Star State. Until 2007.

Our task was to change that perception. For the relaunch of the completely redesigned Tundra, we had to prove that a "Japanese" truck was better than any Ford, Chevy or Dodge.

Tall order? You bet your boots. But by 2008, Tundra outsold all the other brands combined.

Dallas Wallscape
Home page take-overs that focused on product benefits, and OFFERS!
In Dealership Point of Purchase
In Dealership Hispanic Point of Purchase
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This is a kit that went out to dealers to promote the launch, complete with giveaways that really resonated with our hard working man demographic.