I've recieved numerous comments on this project so I'll write a detailed description.
Each image was photographed as flat as possible, but given the landscape, I typically had to fix the perspective and lens distortions in post. I then patched each image together. These images are all seamlessly tilable, top bottm, left and right. 
The intial idea was to produce them as textures for my film, "The Door to Tomorrow" which featured a scene in an abandoned city. I wanted to have the sense and feeling of everything being dense, patterned, and monotonous, but the idea was thrown out since. The whole idea was to create a freakish enviornmnet with a mesmerising number of buildings but with nobody anywhere to be seen.
But I continued to work on it obsessively given the nature of these images. I'm obsessed with patterns and complexity created not just by nature but by man.