Art Pokedex MX. Johto Edition
Multiple Owners
as for the first Region we gather a crew of amazing and talented Mexican Artist, all of them with incredible skills, style and magic. all of this to make possible in a time span of two months the Johto Region Pokedex. 

Remember to also visit our Chilean and Brazilian Brothers and Sisters Work! 
152 Chicorita by Adriana Quintana
153 Bayleef by Alejandro Alvarado
154 Meganium by Cosmos Malvado
154 Meganium by Rodolfo R
155 Cyndaquil by Raul Leyva
156 Quilava by Laura Rivera
157 Typhlosion by Nell Fallcard
158 Totodile by Mixho
159 Croconaw by Neuben Servin
160 Feraligatr by Miguents
161 Sentret by Oswaldo Loreto