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    A unique ball jointed doll display.
Unnatural History
From out of the aeons, from a dark dimension were ancient evil awaits, comes my little Eldritch Abomination, Arkham.
Arkham is a one-of-a-kind ball jointed doll with fully articulated arms and neck. She's made from a variety of materials: mineral clay and apoxie sculpt, finished with a variety of primers and brushed on pigment. Her eyes are glass and she's strung with elastic. She stands about 28cm tall and took way too long to finish.
I've been a collector of ball jointed dolls for some time, but Arkham is my first attempt to make one myself. Of course, I just had to go the full Lovecraft and giver her tentacles. I am working on some legs for her, if only so I can say she's fully articulated.  
You can see more of Arkham during her creation on my flickr.