Hub and spoke
Imagine what it would be like to walk up to any display surface and have it be a window into your personal computer. You’d have access to your files, settings, apps, whether you’re in your car, office, shopping mall or friends’ house in the appropriate display size. To do this, we employed WiGIG technology, and created a bracelet hub and a suite of displays to compliment it.
The new bare minimum
Powerful hub on the wrist means we should reconsider user experience completely.  For example, is there a way to communicate faster? Can we be more efficient and spend less time looking at the screens? What if hub interactions to phone screen interactions were what Twitter is to Email? The result is quite remarkable: hub can do the most common actions we do on our phone, faster. Perhaps we’ll return to being more socially considerate with our devices?
Family matters
We created a family of products that is inherently Neptune. Bold, cohesive and recognizable. There is no black. There’s only a Neptune black, which is a signature dark, rich blue. The textures are a pattern crafted out of Neptune Infinity logo.  Shapes are purposeful and without fuss, but subtly refined. Complexity is hidden to defer to the interactions.
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Brand Identity
With a powerful quad-core processor, as well as support for 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC, Neptune Hub is the world's first true personal computer.
Pocket Screen
Much like a mouse, a keyboard, or a computer monitor, the Pocket screen is simply an interface for your Hub. It's not very smart, it doesn't need to be. With a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen as well as rear and front-facing cameras, the Pocket screen gives you an experience that's equivalent to a smartphone.
With a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen as well as a front-facing camera, the Tab screen gives you an experience that's equivalent to a tablet.
Neptune Keys is a wireless keyboard that may be used on its own with the Dongle or paired with the Tab screen to provide a full laptop experience.
Tablet & Keys
Open the metal ledge on Neptune Keys, insert your Tab screen, and you can enjoy a laptop experience.
Neptune Headset is a wireless pair of headphones, designed to be a fashionable necklace. When not in use, the two earbuds can snap magnetically together to form a pendant. No more constant untangling or wrapping headphone cords around your smartphone.
Neptune Headset is a wireless necklace headset that doubles as a charging cord. With 3 charging points, it allows you to charge up to 3 devices, including the Headset itself, all at once using a single power outlet.
Neptune Dongle is an HDMI dongle that turns any existing computer monitor or TV into another screen for your Hub, allowing you to enjoy a full desktop or smart TV experience.
UX / UI Concept

Products . UX / UI . Identity . Website . Supply Chain
Strategy and Creative Direction . Mladen Barbaric . Minkyu Choi
Industrial DesignMinkyu Choi . Minsung Bae . Kisae Kim
Mechanical Engineering . Sungmoon Kim . Kihyun Kim . Showme Chen
Hardware and Software Architecture . Justin Lee . Joseph Park . Edgar Moon 
Art Direction . Denis Olenik
Graphic Design . Denis Olenik . Olga Pechanko
CGI . Den Brooks
Project ManagementBoris Barbaric
Neptune Suite