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Landscape Aposteriori (2011)

...are a visualreflection on contemporary function of photography. They are aconsequence of author's own experience with this medium and reactionson today trends in photography.
Landscapesexperienced are images using landscape as means to express opinionsabout photographic image, its creation and perception.
Photographiesare depicting author's native Valachian landscape, usually perceivedas romantic. In reality an alien landscape appears in the focus,landscape which doesn't hold any clues to help you in the proces ofits interpretation.
Author isfocusing on monocultural parts of landscape using ancient process ofmultiplication in nature, he is denying traditional view on the roleof light and natural dominants and abandons any postproductionintervention in photographies. Therefore keeping their rawness, voidof any time-proved photographic effects. This method moves yourattention to the meaning and value of depicted or to the meaning andvalue of depicting.
Intentionalobservation of monotonous structures of landscapes, using suppressionof day light and presentation of very alike images of landscapesdirectly appeals to human ability to perceive visual artwork.
Landscapesexperienced are becomming a space for new interpretation and also aplatform for projection of new meanings and values.

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