COIN 4 / for iPhone 4 / 4S
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COIN 4 / iPhone 4 / 4S Case
Designed by YOW!design / urban prefer
「Coin 4 / iPhone 4 保護殼」用10元硬幣就能找尋手機最適切的站立角度,猶如探索於交錯的道路上,佇立於夢想的角落裡。

Coin 4 / iPhone 4 case, take a ten NT dollar coin and insert indifferent gaps to find the most appropriate standing angle for the mobilephone upon your preference. On the crossing boulevard, explore theviews in every place, find the corner in your dream and stay there quietly.

urban prefer像優遊於城市中的旅人,在生活中旅行、各自有著自己的步伐、或輕或遠。在不經意的時刻發現 urban prefer就存在於不同的生活空間,然後巧遇。有時寧靜地停靠在桌面,有時與您一起出門走走。是不是偶爾也想找個港口,一個可以倚靠的地方休憩一下。

In the city, everyone's a traveler, whether of time or of transit, eachhaving the desire to explore, awaiting adventure, whether flying fromthis city to the next, or simply from this corner to the next. We all yearnto travel, maybe not something truly adventurous, but instead somethingsimple. This is how we define "urban prefer", a brand for the everydaytraveler.

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