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    A selection of the many arts I have in my sketchbooks and old files, going since 2009 to 2014.
Using all the width my A5 skecthbook has to offer with this fanart from the 13th Dragon Ball Z movie, "Wrath of the Dragon". Made with disposable ink pens, 0,3 and 0,8mm.
An alternate costume I made for my character for an RPG game. Made with a disposable ink pen and colored pencils I had at the moment.
Fanart I made of Link and other creatures from "The Legend of  Zelda" series. Painted with colored pencils.
20min speed-painting of Zinogre form the "Monster Hunter" game series I made in my friend's sketchbook.
Fanart of the pokémon Ho-Oh with markers.
Cold as Stone - ink and markers
Fanart of the pokémon Raikou, made with markers.
Fanart of the character Byrne/Staven from the game "the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" . Made with markers and colored pencils.
Two Dimensions - "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" fanart.
Teru goes for walk - colored pencils
A perspective exercise I made with colored pencils.
Link and Midna from "the Legend of Zelda twilight Princess"
Recovering old characters from my old sketchbooks. Colored with markers.
Zero and Zero-Two from "Kirby" game series. Made with markers.
Gathering all my beastly creations in an A3-sized paper. Made with ink, markers and colored pencils.
Another character I created long time ago and re-modelled for a special Monster Hunter based RPG, wearing an alternative color of the Gigginox X Armor and using a Great Kelbi Deershot as a modified bow.
My avatar from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
My tribute to the movie "Mononoke Hime", featuring both San and Ashitaka. Made with markers and colored pencils.
Random doodle I made while having my lunch break at the office. You draw with what you have at hands :)
And another doodle! This time I was more prepared and I brought some old pencils to my desk.