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    A few arts I made exploring digital painting. It's still very naive, but I'm still trying to find a better technique to express myself.
A fanart of the pokémon "Dragonite" I made as a gift for my friend. She likes llamas, purple and eye-patches... not a problem at all! :)
Practicing digital art with my avatar from "Fire Emblem Awakening".
The first drawing I digitally painted with GIMP, trying to use some gradient effects and artistic filters.
Meet the Chompers.
Meet the Gulpers.
An exercise I made for my Adobe Illustrator classes. Can't remember how many hours I spent to finish this one...
My attempt of creating an ID of myself. I still have to finish it, but I kinda liked how it is with only the base colors. And yes, my mascot Chip Chomp will always follow me from now on :D
Testing some brushes on Photoshop CS6. My friends told me if I was an pokémon, I'd be a Cyndaquil and my boyfriend a Rottom... Werid or not, it's still kinda cute :3
After I started playing RPG with some friends, I began to re-create some of my own characters based on the class each one had become throughout the stories. I used my Fire Emblem Awakening Official Artbook as reference for the poses and composition, including how the official character designs are presented in each page. It's interesting how the same character can earn two different looks by comparing the base color model and the final one.
A poster I made with all the RPG characters used by my friends and myself. It was a true challenge, since I never made something as big as this and I was kinda rusted with the brushes. It may look simple, but I'm very proud with this result ^^
The first piece of a project I call "Paint my Cosplay!", where I take a photo of myself and paint it as a cosplay of some character (a very productive way of practing digital painting and earning self-confidence at the same time :P )
"Sailor Mercury" - WIP for my "Paint my Cosplay!" project.
"Guild Wars 2" - May I present you my avatars (from the bottom left to the top right): Sahyin the Sylvari Ranger, Renji Rhaygus the Human Guardian, Roxas Pyre the Asura Engineer and Stygia Bale the Charr Mesmer.
"Guild Wars 2" - WIP