Even for a LonelyCat, there's PlentyOfFish

Here's a new print for a friend of mine who had her birthday this week. As her nametag is LonelyCat, we had this (bad) joke wondering if it was the one she also used on dating site such a PlentyOfFish. Long story short, I gave her this print for her birthday...

On the few interesting things to notice, I played around with the typography because of her crush for all the swedish stuff. the main idea was to keep simplicity and as much abstraction as possible. I went for a two level reading structure with the main message in white and a subtle, swedish, tweak for the dark ''blue'' color.

It was also the first time I played with Kuler and I was pretty excited to work with a limited color range! I think that on this side it works well and I would gladly recommand this tools for everyone who wants to get an hand on color theme.

Enjoy (: