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    Watercolor and black ink together in one single abstract composition.
Aquarelle experiments
It was a long time ago, when these pictures were made. And now I decided to post them. I didn't do a single picture since ages... Mostly, because I fed up with it. I'm tired of hear about people, who can"t even draw a single cube in 4 hours, passing the preliminary examinations to the Hungarian University of Arts and become "true artists". (So they have the "right" to do nothing else in they life.) And just because of this, people bow in front of them saying "What a talent!" - and what kind of works they do? Who cares? They are artists, no questions...

Anyways, these few pictures were made between February and May. Another 15 pieces were made as a gift to my groupmates and teachers in MOME. If the galleries don't hold any works from me, maybe they were keep it...