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    Work in progress in Old Delhi (August 2010)
Work in progress in New Delhi
Among the visitors of the Indian sub-continent there is a hidden conviction that in no
else in the world the chaos in its many forms, has found a way to cohabit
with the human race as well as can be done in India.
In Sadar Bazaar, a neighborhood adjacent to the railway station in New Delhi, where many
passing travelers stopping in budget small hotels in the area, I was able to verify
once again this conviction.
The local administration, together with a series of ongoing projects of urban renewal,
had launched a massive renovation of the sewer and water district,
setting a date by which the owners of commercial buildings and residential buildings would
had to be done to redo the hydraulic systems in order to access to funding.
At first the initiative was not taken particularly into consideration but later,
after checking the possibility of access to finance, with the approach of the date of
deadline of the call, triggered a chain reaction that led to all the owners of homes and shop of the area to undertake at the same time the renovations, demolishing literally all the facades of the buildings while continuing to exercise each undisturbed inside job as usual.
The lack of balconies and windows does not discourage those who have to come in and those who work inside buildings.
Among the works in progress, a child takes advantage of a space protected by two walls to perform in some contortion exercises.
transportation for students to home after school
transportation for students to home after school
A teaches shows what the building was before the restoration.
An open shoe store
A sign invites not park on a rough road work in progress.
Two guys overlook what remains of the facade of a building in front of a pole wrapped in a tangle of electrical cables.
At the end of the working day a young man and two women come home tired but smiling.
Despite lacks the wall of the facade, the shops stay open until late evening.
An Indian woman adjusts the pipes of the new sewer system.
A building with the facade in the process of restructuring in the Sadar Bazar, New Delhi
A group of builders intent to renovate the facade of a hotel.