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    Roca Zero gravity is an innovative and futuristic way of approaching the holistic way of hydro experience.
Roca Zero Gravity

Roca Zero gravity is an innovative and futuristic way of approachingthe holistic way of hydro experience. When thinking about future, itquickly comes to our mind space travelling, which will for sure be partof our work and leisure time in very few years. This completely newfuture experiences will rise the interest of reliving and re-sensingthese moments, making them one of the most desirable relaxingatmospheres. Intention here is to transmit these sensations into theambience of our own bathroom.
Roca 0g is a unique way of understanding the concept of bathroom as aspace which transports you to the place of your desires, instantly makeyou forget about the chaos outside and put you in the state of pureserenity. The main characteristic of this unique room is the floatingexperience which gives direct link to the space, but what makes itexceptional is that with this capsule we get the opportunity to sensethe space before actually leaving the Earth.
One of the main benefits of non-gravitational environment is theliberation of forces that limit our body to be relaxed to the full.Thought behind the project was to create an interior with perfectconditions for achieving dynamic balance between the physical andpsychological aspects of an organism. This is accomplished withdifferent features such as light and color, adjustable pressure andtemperature, and of course lack of gravity. Each component is there isfor therapeutic reasons, making possible perfect relaxing treatment.
It’s purpose is not only to provide individual sensations, but alsoshared experiences which indicate the idea of a platform that enablescommunal interaction. Other very important characteristic is itsflexibility, given by the fact that is easily movable and reusable.