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On 2003, Noiz Productions, event and music promoting company is born. By presenting for the first time to the Greek audience the British group Phi-Life Cypher (part of the Infamous Gorillaz), the foundations of Noiz Productions were put. April 12, 2003 @ An club: Phi-Life Cypher, opening act by Urban Links (MC Yinka, MC Dash) and Bitman (beatbox). On the following year, strengthening its presence on the field, Noiz Productions presents the Delinquent Habits, straight from East LA. The concert takes place on one of the biggest live scenes in Greece.. it was a Sold-Out. May 21, 2004@ Rodon club: Delinquent Habits, opening act by FFC and Deadlock. Speeding up the pace, Q-Unique (Arsonists) and DJ Presto One [Rock steady Crew], Afu-Ra and PF-Cuttin [Blahzay-Blahzay] Cappadonna [Wu tang clan] and Raekwon / Wildchild (Lootpack) and J-Ro (Tha Alkaholiks) are presented to the Greek public, with most of the above concerts noted as “Sold out”.. Jan 22, 2005 @ AN club :: Q-Unique / DJ Presto One, opening act: Phase 3.. Feb 12, 2005 @ AN club :: Afu-Ra / PF-Cuttin, opening act “Ws Aidw”.. May 20, 2005@ Rodon club :: Cappadonna / Raekwon / Wildchild / J-Ro.. On 2006, with all the experience and public recognition gained by the previous three years, Noiz Productions raises its goals, attempting (and achieving) to get Greece into the worldwide map of Hip Hop concerts for the first time. The worldwide renowned concert of the Method Man in Athens/ Greece, with none else but the DJ Lord [Public Enemy] performing for the opening act, brings dramatic changes to the Greek hip hop panorama, generating the interest to newly created promoting companies to start endorsing the scene. Standing up to its promise to give its support to a wider audience, Noiz Productions promoted a jazz concert at Club 22.. Nicola Conte, playing alternative sounds and songs along with seven exceptional musicians and the beautiful voice of Kim Sanders enthusiased the crowd.. The next step is to organize a festival with the four elements of hip hop culture: MC's, DJ's, B Boys and Graffiti Writers. The MC's were well known to the Greek hip-hop community. Delinquent Habits back in Athens again, but this time! they had Psycho Realm and Street Platoon with them.. ;D Outside Club 22, writers show their thing while on the inside, Lilou and Brahim from Pokemon Crew France ..world champions b-boys and beatboxer ‘Human Drum Machine’ set the place on fire. A sold out concert by the Orishas, follows closely after the “4 Elements” event, turning an already hot Athenian Summer into a true Cuban Fiesta.. Subsequently, the Das Efx and Fredro Starr concert leaves the Greek public in total awe, and the coming of DJ Premier, one of the most important hip hop producers and DJs today, reminds to everybody exactly what Noiz Productions is all about.. 2006 closes up with the concerts of DJ Premier and Mobb Deep, only to give way to a brilliant year opening with Jedi Mind Tricks performing live on stage.. The hip hop festival with DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill) and GZA on March 2007 signals a turn of Noiz Productions towards a music sector well know to its founding member: Hence, the Noiz Productions DJ Sets are founded. Small and well organised concerts, destined to surprise the crowd who "digged" the whole scene, come to light. DJ Q-Bert, DJ Cam, and many more, light up the Athenian night sky for the Spring session of 2007. An extraordinary concert by Dilated Peoples during the summer, and the show goes on...

some events
by NoiZ productions

* Dilated Peoples
* Hip Hop Culture Fest with GZA (Wu-Tang)
Swollen Members, Main Flow (mood),Freestyle Arsonists), beatbox by Red One
* Jedi Mind Tricks
* DJ Premier
* Orishas
* Delinquent Habits - Psycho Realm - Street Platoon
* Nicola Conte
* Methodman
* El Da Sensei
* DJ Lord (Public Enemy)
* Wu-Tang Members
* Wildchild / J-Ro
* Afu-ra & Dj PF-Cuttin
* Q-Unique & Dj Presto One
* Delinquent Habits
* Phi-Life Cypher
* Roc Raida
* Dj Cam
* Beatnuts
* Cali Agents & Akil The MC
* Yarah Bravo & Dj Vadim
* Funkdoobiest
* Josh Martinez & dj Flip
Get Down Parties 2009
The Poets Of Rhythm (31.1.09)
Heltah Skeltah (7.3.09)
Onyx (19.3.09)
Ice Cube (12.4.09)
Xzibit (7.5.09)
Dj Krush (30.9.09)
Run Dmc (17.1.10)
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