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    Mookie: milk & cookies is a product I made based on a personality of someone in my university course.
For a project at university, we were given a booklet filled out by an anonomous classmate. We were then to produce a beverage or a typeface based on the person's personality. The booklet I recieved contained information about someone I found to be very fond of the feeling of home and comfort, as well as nostalgia and childishness. I decided to make a product that would relate to that sense of nostalgia and cozyness outside of the home; Mookie. It is a two-in-one product, designed to be explored and taken apart. At first glimpse it looks like a vintage milk bottle, but when you screw it open (the bottle itself) it reveals that on the inside, you have a "secret" compartment with cookies you can dip in the milk sealed with a plastic foil so it does not fall into the milk. Enjoy!

The design is done by me, and the 3D rendering is done by Jens Hansen.