Year 4010 in the 41 st
century, human beings are deforming into a new kind of species, like monsters withbig heads and short limbs. The advanced technology in IT and biological sciencehas made objects with their own brains, weird shapes that can walk and talk by themselves.

 On a small islandisolated from cities is living an odd man in a wacky house with his wife. Theyrarely go outside, so people call them Mr. & Mrs. Weird.
 One day, when cominghome after a trading journey, Mr. Weird expects to greet his wife but cannotfind her anywhere. After searching around the house, he sees traces of bloodand scratches. He suspects his wife has been kidnapped. Following the traces tothe woods and then on the top of a mountain, he discovers a hidden cave thatlook bottomless. Without hesitation, Mr. Weird jumps down into the scary caveto save his wife.
 He keeps falling andfalling until he lands in something that is cream soft. Mr. Weird stands up andfinds himself trapped in a dark tunnel. He observes a flickering light farto the end of the tunnel. Mr. Weird becomes curious and decides to go towardthe light. The closer he gets to the light source, the stronger is the smell ofcooked food. This makes him hungry and he forgets to be alert to what couldhappen in this strange place….
Art Work
Identity of Weird Thing
Commercial + Frame + Behind the Scene

Mr.Weird Project 2010 |クロ天才