I was sent by an digital agency to work on this project, the British Airways Media Website, as a contractor for Cedar Communications, in central London. I was a great project to work on. The website was already built, but they needed a web all round that could do a little bit of this and that here and there, so they called me for I could do both, graphics and code.
See project online: BA Media
The project was beautiful to work on, incredibly professional. The manager Sophie confessed she had spent a whole year working on getting it perfect. The code was incredibly well written, structured, optimised. The commenting was less profuse but overall it resulted quite reasonable to read through it. 
I was given a list of very detailed tasks, and so I went on with them, one by one, updating images, and modifying sections, which comprised mostly CSS and JavaScript, and rarely some HTML too. And while I went along, I soaked in the code and got inspired.
I had the chance to give some instructions sto the manager about exporting pdfs and pngs, I had a number of professionals at my disposal to assist me with deliverables and technicalitites, a dedicated server, and my own equipment. Just a perfect setting. And the location was great too!!
I finished everything according to schedule, and the manager was really appreaciative of my skills and professionalism, so much so, that they requested the agency sent me again about six months later, when they needed a new update, and they called me yet once more a year later, even if the previous manager didn't work there any longer. I honestly love hacking into other people's code for amendments, it is just fun, and you get to learn a lot about style and efficiency. The last time I worked for this project, I had to implement some back end related coding as well, which was actually merele jQuery, so I saved them hiring another person for just that purpose.