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    Week 4 of my photo a day for 365 days
Project 365 // Week 4
Week 4 of my photo a day for 365 days
Another slightly challenging (and busy) week, but I have managed another 7 photos... although I must confess, I did almost forget on a couple of occaisions!
22/1/2015 - Strathclyde Country Park at night. 
23/1/2015 - Flight from Glasgow to London Heathrow and on a clear day you get a good view of the city.
Tip: Pick your seats on the right hand side of the plane for a good view.
24/1/2015 - A wee Saturday in the pub watching football.
25/1/2015 - After a Saturday in the pub then it was a quiet relaxing day in Sunday and catching up on some Elementary.
26/1/2015 - Attempting an early...ish night but it always feels like a waste of a night. Also, the hour hand on my watch really bugs me as it seems to be off a little... need to get that fixed!
27/1/2015 - Tax return time... and after filling out the return for my first year properly trading I owe the tax man £1! Somehow I don't think I'll be retiring just yet!!
28/1/2015 - Just when I thought we'd maybe seen the last of the snow the car park went from clear and wet to very white in the space of about 5 mins!