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Shooting Stars, Fallen Man
A documentary

The photograph has surpassed the written word as the primarymedia for personal ‘social’ communication.  Since the invention of the camera, image has become anincreasingly potent means of mass communication, for both corporations andindividuals and is evidenced in celebrity culture and consumerism.  The 21 st century has seenthe total dissemination of this trend to micro-communities, distributed throughthe internet and made possible by the pervasiveness of affordable compact digitalcameras and mobile phones.
Taken during 2006-07, within Madrid’s underground clubscene, where the powerful combination of the camera and the internet can beseen to dramatic effect, the photographs document, through portraits, amicro-community in many ways reminiscent of the decadent movement of the late19 th century.  Thedecadents embraced original sin, fallen man and nature, the omnipresence ofevil and the grotesque, lack of health, balance and innocence.  They celebrated the perverse, drama,ornate and unnatural.