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"Drive Safely"
Safe Driving Campaign
Workshop leader from London, UK: Deisgner Thomas Mathews 

Workshop with the theme “Behaviour change” in wich we had to find something in our lifes that 
bothered us and do something to change that, to try to make something/someone better. 
The thing that inspired me to do this “Drive Safe” campaign was that many of my friends had car accidents. 
The campaign consists in a series of posters that have differet messeges, wich were supose to make you think twice about the importance of safe driving.
In addition to the posters, i made 4 different car air freshener that people could get free when leaving the gas  station. The cars air fresheners had the same messages as the posters, but in a shorter version so the driver can be reminded about how he should drive the moment he gets in his car. 
The motto of this campaign was “ Drive Safely. Your loved ones are waiting for you”, to sensibilize the driver and to make him care more about his life and others as well.