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    Double page spreads advertising a Beer brewery in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Devassa is a micro brewery in Rio de Janeiro. They produce and sell their own line of beers in their restaurants spread all over the city. The company's name is a play on the word DEVASSA witch is used to refer to sexy / libertine women. Their appeal is focused on kinky text and images. For this series of double page spreads, the art director - Frederico Vegele of Mccann Ericson - based his art direction on puppet theaters. To compose the images based on his rough I used a mix of photos and 3D elements. The overall mood of the images is supposed to be hot.
Copy: Nights at Devassa Bars are long. Thats why hour beer rests for seven days in our fermentation tanks. Devassa. Hand made beer. 3D Illustration of curtains and wooden plaque: Marcelo Jr. Hand painted characters: Paulo Visgueiro.
The water is very pure. Barley and Hops are pure. And all the purity stops here. Devassa. Hand made Beer.
3D Illustration of curtains: Marcelo Jr. Hand Painted characters: Paulo Visgueiro.