Elemental Forces
Charge a product with emotion!
Kleemann completed it’s EVO-Line series and needed an emotional introduction for the presentation of their latest models. 

A tough timing forced us to focus on “what it’s all about” at Kleemann. 

Everything comes down to the elemental forces, crushing stones and every big boy’s dream – playing with huge machines. 

With carefully selected buzz words and detailed lighting of the machines we managed to emotionally charge the event’s introduction. 

This Clip being just the first of many to introduce all new products to their customers, Kleemann was very excited to open their first presentation with our production. 

We’re delighted to see so many event attendees enjoyed the result!
Fractured with the great Cinema 4D plugin Nitroblast from Nitro4D.
The small rock parts where created with X-Particles.
Nitroblast, Dynamics and X-Particles.
Landscape generated with World Machine und rendered with Cinema 4D and Octane. All the Compositing stuff is done in After Effects.
3D & Animation
Leo Dziallas, Oliver Tomann
Moritz Schwind, Oliver Tomann
Concept & Direction:
Christian Remiger
Elemental Forces