Donna Ares - Jackpot
(student work)
The project was to make a album cover for a turbo-folk album which are usually made with the help of a clevages. As you can see I took the singer Donna Ares and her album "Jackpot". The concept based on dices. I used them to describe the title of the song as well as the track number.
Hope you like it.

Front CD case cover and the back of the booklet
Track.1 Jackpot
Track.2 Reminder of love and luck
Track.3 This year (2010)
Track.4 Your infidelity killed me
Track.5 Actor without cover
Track.6 To die out of shame
 Track.7 When everything falls (through the ground)
Track.8 Pushing my own
Track.9 Don't make me guess
Track.10 I did not need that
Back side of the CD case.