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I firmly believe that the medium of music, motivates the creative process and like many designers out there, I find myself spending most of my day listening to it during work hours. While I enjoy listening/ discovering new music from many different genres, I find it to be more productive (creative-wise) if the compositions have little or no lyrics that may distract me from my own thoughts during creative periods.The following is a personal homage to some of the music artists that provide me with audio stimulation, each and everyone of them has been designed on a square format, reminiscent of record covers, which I believe to be the strongest link between music and graphic arts, each composition is dedicated to a different artist and provides a personal selection to a specific album, in hopes that will inspire others that same way they inspired me
Artist: The Future Sound of London    |    Suggested Listening: Dead Cities

Artist: Aphex Twin    |    Suggested Listening: Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92

Artist: Boards of Canada    |    Suggested Listening: Music Has the Right to Children

Artist: Underworld    |    Suggested Listening: Dubnobasswithmyheadman

Artist: Massive Attack    |    Suggested Listening: Blue Lines

Artist: London Elektricity   |    Suggested Listening: Pull the Plug

Artist: Kruder & Dorfmeister    |    Suggested Listening: The K&D Sessions

Artist: Coldcut    |    Suggested Listening: Let Us Play!

Artist: Prefuse 73    |    Suggested Listening: One Word Extinguisher

Artist: Makoto    |    Suggested Listening: Human Elements