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Aero Club brand redesign
This is a fantasy project, for my friend's club. There was no client, I made this just for fun.
Borsod County Aero Club (Borsod Megyei Repülő Klub) is a small sport society based in Miskolc, Hungary at the foot of Bükk mountains. The club has been running since 1934, one of the oldest in the country. They have glider plane, parachute and hang-glider departments.
Current logo
First of all I settled down a few key elements I wanted to show in the new logo. I was trying to avoid cliches (airplane silhouette, bird wings, propeller)
After some sketching, my idea was to draw a complex shape which includes different elements, shapes of my inspirations. You can notice a 'R' letter for Repülő, 'B' letter for Borsod, hills, a heart shape, parachute, a cloud, airplane vertical stabilizer profile in the negative space.
Firts sketches
Final shape
Hints in the shape
Let's finalise the shape using some basic rules and golden ratio.
Guides, guides everywhere
I wanted to save the main colours from the old logo, on the other hand I think some slight colour change and gradients can give it a fresh look. The green represents the hills and fields, one of the main colours you will see from above, the blue is obviously the sky. The yellow/orange is for the sun/sunset.
Now with colours
Using 2 fontfaces separates the 2 lines of the name. The top is the location (Borsod County), sans, official and strict looking. The bottom line's (Aero Club) serif font is bigger, more playful but classical. However I slightly changed the Georgia font to fit in my guides by modifying the ascenders and serifs. Red is the original. 
Modified font
Final logo with text on a foggy background
Logo without text
Inverted monochrome logo
A few examples of how it works on paper... or on the remodeled hangar building.
New logo, new hangar
Aero Club brand redesign

Aero Club brand redesign

Fantasy logo redesign project for an aero club in Hungary.