komma 15
The latest issue of the collegiate komma magazine examines the topic »Aufbruch« which means departure as well as breakup. The usual parameters of the magazine are split into three parts
which break open increasingly. The design of the brochure is consciously reduced given that the grid
is unobtrusive to offer more space without interfering with the student works. The grid as well as the content is rather free in the newspaper that contains the editorial part. Furthermore, graphical contributions to the newspaper are made by Stefan Marx while Uwe-Jens Bermeitinger expressed himself verbally. After all, the poster dares a final breakup. It was designed for the »Captcha« design festival, initiated by students. The festival itself enfolded the principle »Befreiung der Schrift«, roughly translated into liberation of type. komma 15 is also a break out of familiar maxims, intentionally
fracturing expectations.
komma 15