— Outstanding shopping experience
In early 2014, one of the biggest and best digital media e- sellers in Poland -, wanted to expand their assortment and add physical and print to their portfolio. To meet their customer’s needs, they wanted a shopping solution simplified to the max. To reflect the new approach, we were given the chance to think about it holistically - far beyond a simple logo & website redesign. 
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Trying to find a perfect balance between the brand heritage and CDP’s new positioning, Ars Thanea strove to keep the core brand identity intact and, as an extension of the new identity, redesign CDP’s e-commerce platform from the ground up.
The platform offers products in six categories: books, games, music, movies, hardware and hobby. We have designed a special iconography and branding elements representing individual sections.
As a result, we created a beautifully responsive e-commerce platform that is simple to navigate, and a seamless transfer of the new brand positioning as an interactive concept.
Every category is emphasized with its own color range followed with specific components associated with the category.
We wanted to make it easy and intuitie to work with the plaftorm after the project delivery. Therefore we prepared the complete guidelines, to make sure that the Client will be able to develop and update the shop without our help.
It Was incredible run. Full of fun and ton of data created. We keep our fingers crossed for our client's business to flourish. Thank you, it's a pleasure doing great things together!
Agency: Ars Thanea / SYZYGY Warsaw

Executive Creative Director:
Peter Jaworowski
Art Director: Michał Duszczyk
Lead Designer: Michał Duszczyk
Designers: Michał Jakubowski, Kuba Uczciwek, Dawid Kalinowski
Project Manager: Tomasz Dominiak
UX Designer: Tomasz Rutkowski
Animation: Marcin Gibowski, Michał Jakubowski — Outstanding shopping experience
Multiple Owners
Ars Thanea