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    Project developed for the discipline of Type and Image of the State University of New York.
"Aquila" is a latin word, corresponding to Eagle in the English vocabulary. Using just the name in English could be very generic and informal. Using the name in an elder language, work to demonstrate the seriousness with the work, differentiate the brand in the market, not to mention that the name can be easily remembered and recognized. 
As one of the requirements for the group identity was something strong patriotism, was chosen to work with any symbol that is easily recognized and connected with the North American culture, with it, the eagle, american animal symbol and present in several coats and symbols of government.
On the label of the logo, was used one abbreviation of the word “marketing”, contrasting with other symbolism used, bringing one modern look to the brand.
Seeking to strengthen the patriotic concept was created for the symbol an image of an eagle, focusing mainly on its two main elements: the beak and wings. The symbol is built in a circle, trying to reinforce the idea of naming (the latin originated almost all languages a circle can achieve almost all forms). The wing, with their tips pass the idea of bold company, movement, something that always seeks new things. In addition, the wing does not complete the circle, passing impression that the eagle would be embracing something, in this case embracing customers and their projects, bringing a sense of closeness, comfort and connection between the marketing group and its customers.