Lamiae project

Lamiae is a project born in 2011. I was searching for a theme inspiring my work and I found Lamia.
I wasn't interested on the gory aspect of the Lamia's story: she was the queen of Libya, transformed in a monster, eager for blood and flesh of innocents, by a wrathful Hera. Later traditions referred to many lamiae, half women half animals, that seduced young men and children to fed on their blood.
I wanted to focus on the symbolic aspect, ambiguous women, charming but also disturbed, feral, mysterious and seductive.
I tried to give to all pictures a fairytale looks, in order to keep characters out of time and known places.
"...her head was serpent, but ah, bitter-sweet!
She had a woman's mouth with all its pearls complete:
And for her eyes: what could such eyes do there
But weep, and weep, that they were born so fair?
As Proserpine still weeps for her Sicilian air.
Her throat was serpent, but the words she spake
Came, as through bubbling honey, for Love's sake..."

Lamia, John Keats
the Rabbit
Model: Miele Rancido
Muah, photo, edit, ears: Cunene
the  Spider
Model: Titì La Noire
MUAH, photo and edit: Cunene

the Swan
Model: Miss Sophie Champagne
MUAH, photo and edit: Cunene

the Deer
Model: Delilah Sixthessence
Outfit: Alige Corsetry
MUAH, horns, photo, edit: Cunene
the Fox
Model: Jillian
photo, edit, muah, hat: Cunene
the Mermaid
Model: Beatrice
the Unicorn
Model: Ayral
MUAH, horn, top, photo, edit: Cunene
the Rat
Model: Saramiao
MUAH, tail, photo, edit: Cunene
the Raven
Model: Briar Rose
Headpiece, mask, photo and edit: Cunene
the Bat
Model: Osiris
Outfit: Nocturnal Garden
MUA, photo, edit: Cunene
the Moth
Model: Nathalie Hers
MUA, photo, edit: Cunene
This is a 15 pages preview of "Lamiae".
My book is now online and available at the Blurb bookstore



Lamiae is a project born in 2011. I was looking for a useful and perfect theme to inspire my work. That’s why I found Lamia. Lamia, according to Read More


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