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    Anti-violence against women promotional campaign that will encourage people to wear the White Ribbon.
It was in the year 2007 that Magdalena, the festival of creative communications in Maribor, Slovenia, introduced me and Ivor Vrbos to a challenging brief that I found most interesting. Designers in Europe were given the task of creating an awareness boost (in a form of a poster or series of posters) which will encourage people to wear a white ribbon as a symbol of violence against women. The idea that wraps these three posters was, in general, to design a strong and provocative image that will challenge people to think about the consequences of such acts of cruelty. The posters were printed out, then cut and torn into different pieces, and then pasted on a blank cardboard. The unique approach won the festival's Silver Bra in the Brief D category.
Thanks to Ivor Vrbos, Dubravka Somogyi, Ana Strinavić, and Tanja Bjelić.