This was a 3 day "catapult" assignment. We had the well known enviromental organization Bellona, as our client. They wanted help capturing more target groups for their organization. We made the decition to ask the target groups directly, so we went out and asked people in the street what they thought about Bellona. The answers made us come up with this look for a campaign as a result of the peoples answers. The different images is portraying the various ways to make renewable energy. Bellona decided that our campaign would be perfect for their role in the 'Hafslunds miljøfestival' (the Hafslund enviromenal festival for children). We also made a slogan for them; "The future does'nt come by it self, it is we who create it" Suitable for the idea of teaching children to take good care of the earth. We made posters, roll ups, magazine ads, flyers and banners. Here are the posters and roll ups

Bellona facts:
The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental NGO based in Norway. Founded in 1986 as a direct action protest group, Bellona has become a recognised technology and solution-oriented organization with offices in Oslo, Brussels, Washington D.C., St. Petersburg and Murmansk. Altogether, some 75 engineers, ecologists, nuclear physicists, economists, lawyers, political scientists and journalists work at Bellona.
The painstaking process of cutting, taping, gluing, threading and positioning to get everything just right
Every litte piece was hanging by a thread, litterally