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PS4 Slim viral strategy
I know that you have already seen these images on the internet,
because they have been leaked, from me.

Here's the story:
My name is Riccardo, I'm a just graduated young designer.
A few months ago I decided to do not proceed with my Master's degree, it was a hard decision to take because I love design, I deeply love it, but I was sick and tired of professors that couldn't provide an honest and true teaching about design (except one at Brunel University). What they taught was not design for me.
Design is based on harmony of lines, minimalism, functionality and logic. 
Instead they taught the history of it and how to design decorative/pointless products.

I want to change the world, I really want it, even if it sounds theatrical, I want to enhance stuff, revolutionise, innovate and create new standards, at college seemed no one wanted it, no one thought like me, no one had the attention of details that I have or a clear idea of what the future should look like.

In my life a lot of people called me presumptuous, they didn't believe to my "visions" 
Are they pay enough attention? or maybe it's just because I'm not that good.

I should prove to the world what my design skills could do, prove to the world that I'm not presumptuos but aware of my skill; I needed fact.

So, I designed a strategy after reading a rumor of a PS4 slim, I remember I did this kind of work every time when I was a teen in my sketch book foreseeing trends, products and ideas.
I knew that was the right time to apply this kind of strategy, then I act.

The model has not been designed to be perfect, to be a different product, it should be the ps4 slim with all the strategy of design behind it. It should be credible, and to be credible you need the good taste of placing every detail carefully, reasoning every small aspect.
The BD slot have been designed perpendicular and not parallel to the other lines, getting that sense of “industrial constrain”.

Every render view, every text have a reason.
From what I see in the picture, to what I see in the screen of the PC and even what I see behind the PC.
I talked to my friends and colleagues about this plan and as usual nobody believed me,
“You can’t, it will never work”, “You are no one” but my strategy was clear for me, it should work,
then I posted.

The images bounced from website to website becoming in a few hours viral, my concept was in the main pages of the most popular tech and game websites, and they liked it!
Pictures have gone viral
But why all this?!
Just to prove to myself that I was able to do it? Maybe.
This strategy has been designed to promote my portfolio, to scream to companies “Hey, I’m here”.
I know that I sound presumptuous, but I’m very sure of every aspect of my projects and I also know I can revolutionise many fields with beauty, functionality and a proper vision of the future.
Sorry for the joke, I hope you have dreamt as I dreamt when I was a child watching these kinds of pictures on the internet.

Ah, remember the letters at the bottom of the pictures?
I have a lot to learn, but I want to learn from best:
Sony, Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung, LG,
Ideo, MNML, Artefact, Frog Design.
I would be pleased and honoured to work with you and your amazing design teams.
Here is the link to my Portfolio
Hey Behance, do not ban me, it is not spam, it is strategy that is crucial part of the design philosophy.
PS4 Slim viral strategy

PS4 Slim viral strategy

Why I did it
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