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Webamp is a row of smart, inquisitive and talented professionals located under the same roof. The roof is located in a spacious residential complex with heart space in the center of Copenhagen. We are a creative and technical team who know our stuff from the brain and the heart out of our fingertips and transferred to our customers' digital marketplace, where visibility and growth are the key parameters. Customer service is a given with us, and these include among other things, that you are free and clear can have an SEO report that gives you and us a glimpse into how we can optimize the already existing efforts. Customer service is also much more than this. We like to always have happy customers and give them more customers.

Webamps expertise is spread widely beyond the digital world, but our main areas are websites, search engine optimization and Adwords. We go in depth with your search engine optimization. We make sure that your website is inviting, has a mobile-friendly design to find among other things, by advertising on Google. All this makes more visitors to real customers, and it is desirable scenario for our customers and the mission that we have in the office every day. Webamp will get companies to see the digital world as the primary sales channel - therefore we are a passionate web agency.