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    Penguin & Panda Happy Ever After ~ Wedding Invitation
Had an opportunity to design a wedding invitation. I haven't designed anything for print for years since I was mainly focusing on web design and frontend development. It was a bit challenging and time consuming and luckily, it was for my own wedding and had to set a long deadline for this(8 months) hehe.
My Fiance(now my wife) and I began our relationship calling psuedo names with each other. She called me "Kitty Panda" because she thinks I look like one. Fat, tall, dark, large belly with a moustache & beard. So she thought I looked like a combination of a Cat and a Panda. And for her, I simply call her Penguin because she is fond of the said animal. She even have a mini stuff toy collection of Penguins. We even went to a local park just to see a Penguin for our very first date! How cool is that? hehe!
The main idea of the invitation was to incorporate our "character" into it. The Panda and the Penguin character combined with fun, exciting, fresh, light and cartoony elements would perfectly fit our combined personality. We both love pastel colors so the colors I used are soft and easy to the eyes so that it would reflect our personally into it.
Credit to Koko Gonzales for the Entourage Caricature: See his awesome work here!